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In order to achieve its mission, Magic Consulting Audit LLC aiming to deliver high standard professional consulting services and as well working actively towards social engagements and community events.

When it comes to social responsibility, we keep main principles that our activities should influence the customers, and employees the nature and society in a positive way. In other words, we actively engage in three following following areas:


We care for health, workplace safety, education and social welfare of the employees.

  • We see our employees as the main driveforce of the company. So we care for the education of the employees, letting them take part of the internal and external training courses. We also implement financial support programme to prepare and passthe professional exams and receive a paid break.
  • As employee health programme, employees get extensive medical examination.
  • Employees get regular eye examination.
  • Financial aid on when employees get married, new born baby and hardship.
  • Let employess go on domestic and international travel as a reward.


We participate in a community events for cleaning the waste and keeping nature clean movements.. We also organize events for planting trees. We are carrying out an approppriate use of paper at the office and aiming to become a paperless office.


We’ve been contributing for the country’s economic growth in direct and indirect way.
Supporting education:

  • We are managing and working on the following projects in purpose to make contribution to financial education for people though web site. We are here to answer to all kinds of finance and tax related questions coming from individuals and organizations within 24 hours. We give a monthly raise to our workers each time their uploaded files of finance calculation and interesting information gets downloaded.
  • In 2015, we issued certificates and prizes to top ten students who participated in the 18th National Accounting Olympic organized by Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Also, we made a promise to students that we would give cash prizes every year to winner teams who have won the “Case study” competition on the second day of the Olympic.
  • We sponsored MAGIC team that participated from Mongolian University of Science and Technology in “Robocon – 2015” and the team was placed sixth.
  • We prepared series of lessons, collaborated with Business Radio 98.9 FM, and run programs in purpose to give finance knowledge to the listeners. Also, we are planning to give finance knowledge to audiences not only through FM radio but all the different types of information channels.
  • - We have financial aid programme for the university students, by letting them to take part in “Salaried Students” program.

Tax payment:

Despite the economic crisis through last years, we paid 200 million tugrugs for taxes for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, 141.3 million tugrugs so far until August, 2017. We always follow an ethical business approach by employing relevant law and regulations within our work culture.

Health Sector:

A part of our other projects in social field is our participation in Blood Donor event that was held in National Blood Center on World Blood Donor day when we put contribution to save lives of precious people.

We also donated 3 million tugrugs to Axion, neural clinic located in Tuv province.

We celebrated 10th year anniversary of Magic Group in 1st of December, 2017. During the ceremony, we held an auction and all the funds raised by this event were donated for purchasing necessary tools for National Center of Mothers and Children, emergency center in maternity house.