Magic Group provides consulting services such as audit, assurance, tax consulting, and advisory services. Non-consulting services include accounting training, accounting software developing and marketing services. Our mission is work closely with our clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities.

Magic Financial Group

Magic Group established on 16th of May, 2007. It started with a business and accounting trainings along with financial software training.

About a year later, company expanded 2nd and 3rd branches in Darkhan and Orkhon. Approximately 10.000 business owners, accountants attended and upgraded their professional knowledge and experience as result of 1300 graduations.

Magic Choice training center offer bookkeeping and accounting trainings for the business owners and delivers the business and financial statements reading classes for company executives. Our team has been developing www.sanhuu.mn, a financial knowledge hub website for the public. The website has wide range of financial topics, files and video lessons. It was a collaborative effort with Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Magic Choice course center was awarded with “Best course center” from Grand Expo 2014 and “Best course center” from “A thousand financiers - 2015”, held by Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

It encouraged the Magic Group team to excel within its actions and deliver quality consulting services within the Mongolian financial sector.

Magic Consulting Audit LLC established in 2010 and it offers audit assurance, tax consulting, business advisory and accounting training.

Audit and assurance

We assess your risks, so you have a brighter future

The purpose of engaging assurance services is to improve financial statement information quality or its context to the end of facilitating good decisions of management and other decision makers withing an entity.

At Magic Consulting Audit LLC, we are committed to delivering independent, efficient and effective audits of financial statements. To this end, audit professionals of Magic Consulting Audit LLC actively communicate our findings and provide knowledge-based insights throughout the audit process. We deliver value that goes beyond our audit opinion that helps clients look ahead with strength and confidence and add increasing value to their business.


  • -Since 2015, We ranked TOP-20 accounting firm of Mongolia, became the leading local accounting firm
  • Year2015201620172018
  • -Magic Consulting Audit LLC won the award for BEST EMPLOYER 2016

Specialized Tax Consultant

We take responsibility for your financials, so you focus on your business growth.

We became a member in Mongolian association of certified tax consultants in 2014. Since then we cooperated with about 40 entities, contracted “Accounting and professional tax advisory” and working to take the Outsourcing service to the new level.

Magic Choice Training Center

Magic Choice Training Center has been conducting accounting courses since 2007 and now the training program includes 5 types of financial courses.

We offer an opportunity to acquire an organized financial knowledge and skills within the shortest possible time. Our training modules have been improved over the years and specialized for the business owners and accountants. We always improve our teacher and employees knowledge and skill base. Our course curriculums are approved by local accounting and bookkeeping standards and program.

Magic Cloud LLC

Software development

Magic Cloud LLC has started developing XAMT ERP system.

"MagicFinance" software users are continuously growing and reached 2000 and we are working to integrate our software with the state tax and finance systems. As of today, software installation, distribution is fully automatic.

XAMT ERP system includes Cash flow monitoring system, timesheet and human resource system, documents management system and contract system. We are continuously working to improve our ERP system. XAMT ERP system is fully deployed at the Magic Group of companies and guides our performance enables the management to identify opportunities for an improvement.