Magic Choice Training Center has been conducting accounting courses since 2007 and now the training program includes 5 types of financial  courses.

We offer an opportunity to acquire an organized financial knowledge and skills within the shortest possible time. Our training modules have been improved over the years and specialized for the business owners and accountants. We always improve our teacher and employees knowledge and skill base. Our course curriculums are approved by local accounting and bookkeeping standards and program.

Knowledge to be gained from courses:

  • Be able to prepare financial reports and handle bookkeeping operations with a traditional methodoloy or using financial software

  • Be able to prepare financial and tax reports using MagicFinance software

  • Gain accurate knowledge of country’s legislation system specially on the Taxation and Social Insurance laws

The courses are for

  • Executives and managers who want to control their business operations based on it’s financial performance and learn to analyze and prepare financial and tax reports.
  • Graduates from universities for finance and accounting who did not work within a degree field for a long time, people who dropped out of university for finance and accounting, people who attended finance and accounting courses, and accountants.
  • Recent graduates from universities who are gonna start and advance in their career.
  • Anyone who wants to have licensed finance and taxing software, which is easy to use.


What if a student can not prepare financial report after attending the course?

If you did not learn how to prepare financial and tax reports in 5 weeks even though you try so hard, you have an opportunity to repeat a course and attend additional courses without any tuition.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday     Өглөө Өдөр Орой
working days   timetable
professional lessons 10-13 14-17 18-21
VIP training 10-13 14-17 18-21

1. Graduates have right to use financial and tax software that is approved from the Mininstry of Finance.
2. Students are given the “Discount card” that has a right to:

  • access to MagicFinance support services
  • Free pass to verify your financial reports 3 times
  • Access to the cloud file server, to download all financial related documents and templates on 
  • watch various video lessons on bookkeeping, finance, and taxing at the

3. re-attend to the courses for free
4. A Certificate approved by the Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.