Greeting from the Director

Please accept my warmest regards,

Back in 2004, I was exploring to find a better way to deliver financial reports. My exploration led me to a journey that involves how a company can manage its human resource and capital based on its financial statements.

Because, back then financial softwares were just being started in Mongolia and widely unknown ground for the financial sector. Even though most people used MS-Excel, the application was limited by SUM formula at best.

In Mongolia’s transitional economy, very few entities made decisions based on their financial statements, while other companies used their accountants as a tool for “Dodge from taxes and a financial document when tax inspector examines”, I looked for an answer for WHY?

Although, I would never have imagined it would eventually lead me to create a professional consulting company that has its own ethics, brand image and quality standards in the Mongolia’s financial sector.

Our team is working successfully and providing services such as accounting courses, audit assurance, professional tax advisory, financial software and property valuation.

Our history began with formulating fastest and simplest methodologies for filing financial reports and establishing Magic Choice training and consulting center.

It led to subsequent events and new companies, being the foundation for a larger team called “Magic Family”.

So far, we have total 4 branches in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan and Erdenet. Approximately 10.000 students were graduated from about total 1300 courses. The number of active users of the financial software has reached 2000. We deliver auditing and business advisory service to approximately 200 entities on regular basis, annually. We have also contracted with “Accounting and tax advisory” to about 40 entities. The number of entities and individuals take NBFI service has reached 200.

As of today, we, the Magic Family have already marked its position within the Mongolia’s financial sector and we pay approximately 200 million tugrugs for the state tax and social insurance annually.

We see providing the financial products and service based on information technology as our duty and contribution to the financial sector. So, since 2015 we started developing Magic Monitoring ERP systems, aiming for better service. We are also improving the working environment and office equipments.

We are always thankful to the people and entities who chose our services. We see you as the motivator to our work for improving the financial services.

Therefore, I am pleased to say that not only is our success result of our team’s hardwork, but also the result of the customers’ faith in us.


Thank you for choosing the Magic Family.                                                                                                                       

Founder, CEO:  S.Munkhbayar